Valor Fireplaces & Stoves


Warming homes since 1890, Valor continues to set new standards in gas fireplace proficiency, comfort control and fashionable design."

Napoleon Fireplaces & Stoves


Napoleon fireplaces are ideal for any room and any style. Ranging from traditional to modern and from space saving to majestic.

Harman Fireplaces & Stoves


Tomahawk Stove Junction believes that Harman is the Cadillac of pellet stoves Every Harman is “built to a standard, not a price.”

Quadra-Fire Fireplaces & Stoves


From traditional beauty to a modern refined look, Quadra-Fire fireplaces offer stunning design to fit any taste.


Regency Fireplaces & Stoves

The Regency line is the perfect complement to today’s decorating trends, maintaining the values of reliability and quality construction.


Ravelli Pellet Stoves

Made in Italy - innovative beauty that moves with the times


NFI Certified


Purchase stoves from Tomahawk Pellet Stove Junction, a National Fireplace Certified, authorized dealer. If your dealer doesn't have the stamp of approval, your manufacture's warranty may be void. We sell high quality pellet stoves which typically have an overall efficiency range of 75 to 90 percent.

Taste of Tomahawk

FREE GRILL COVER or GRILL SET UP and a bag of COOKING PELLETS with the purchase of a Daniel Boone Green Mountain Grill. Hurry - Limited Supply!

 We’re excited to announce our new Wood-Fired Pizza Oven attachment for the Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie model grills. With this appliance, you can grill a pizza in 2-3 minutes at 700-800° F.

The attractive packaging includes the oven and a specially made pizza stone for the ultimate wood-fired pizza experience. We will soon add accessories such as our own special pizza sauce, and IR thermometers to measure the surface temperature of the stone.

By the way, this device puts a restaurant-quality sear on a steak, too!

Pizza Peels and cutters now available at Tomahawk Stove Junction.

Pellet Smoked Vegetable Medley

Pellet Smoked Vegetable Medley

Your favorite Vegetable Medley grilled on your favorite pellet barbecue. The taste of grilled veggies is the perfect partner for your favorite GMG recipe when you looking for a solid side to a finely smoke meal. You can choose whatever veggies that are your favorite and impart the smoke flavor you love while getting a healthier product by using less oil. You will get a much more fire grilled taste and you family and friends will love it.


Vegetable Medley

  • Marinate asparagus, small red potatoes (punch holes in these with a fork), broccoli, cauliflower, and any others you wish in Yoshida’s marinade for about two hours.
  • Sprinkle with GMG Wild Game Rub.
  • Grill at 350-375° until you reach desired tenderness


Tip Of The Week

When the Power Fails, Your Valor Won't

  • When The Power Fails, Your Valor Won’tValor fireplaces provide efficient warmth, designed to heat your home without a fan or power supply. Engineered to circulate air through natural convection, Valor fireplaces are highly efficient without a fan – providing reliable heat, even during a power failure.

    No fan or electricity needed, ensuring optimal warmth for your home and family members.

    Don’t Get Caught in the Cold

    Extreme weather patterns and storms cause significant damage and power outages each year across North America. Ensure your family stays warm by installing a dependable, radiant Valor gas fireplace in your home. Valor fireplaces provide a warm, comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. We take pride in being a reliable heat source, especially during the times you need us the most.

    Tomahawk Stove Junction is your authorized VALOR dealer.

    Next time you experience a storm and potential power loss, make sure you are prepared with a Valor fireplace.

    No Power, No Problem™