Harman Wood Stoves

  • Harman TL2.0 Wood Stove

    Harman TL2.0 Wood Stove

    Harman took the successful TL300 platform and condensed it down into a compact, powerful and money-saving package. TL2.0 steel wood stoves feature advanced designs and powerful home heating. Make one of these efficient wood stoves your own. Heat 1,200-3,100 sq ft with 55,300 BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency 2 cu ft firebox capacity / maximum log length 19” Continue Reading

  • Harman TL2.6 Wood Stove

    Harman TL2.6 Wood Stove

    The TL2.6 delivers impressive burn rates and highly-controllable heating power. Adjust your comfort level for each season with ease. And, stay cool when your gas bill comes—these efficient, eco-friendly wood stoves offer uncompromising ambiance with unparalleled Harman performance. Heat 1,400-3,200 sq ft with 69,300 BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency 2.6 cu ft firebox capacity / 19” maximum log Continue Reading

  • Harman TL300 Wood Stove

    Harman TL300 Wood Stove

    The TL300 delivers extraordinarily long burn times and even heat output. Maintenance is a breeze, with extremely low emissions and a super-sized ash pan. The TL 300 also has an optional cooking grill for indoor grilling all year! This top-loading wood stove provides the perfect mix of modern convenience and stylish elegance. Heat 1,600-4,300 sq ft with 72,100 BTUs*, based Continue Reading

  • Harman Oakleaf Wood Stove

    Harman Oakleaf Wood Stove

    The Oakleaf artfully blends heating power with Harman technology. These small wood stoves are innovatively designed to work perfectly in compact spaces. Expect sophisticated technology to bolster impressive performance for easy operation. Heat 1,000-2,600 sq ft with 45,100 BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency 1.7 cu ft firebox capacity / 18” maximum log length Each fuel load will produce up Continue Reading

  • Harman Oakwood Wood Stove

    Harman Oakwood Wood Stove

    Intricate detail, superb workmanship and premium performance make Oakwood cast iron wood stoves a great addition to any space. You’ll appreciate the ambiance—and savor the customizable, extended heating performance. Heat 1,400-3,600 sq ft with 51,600 BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency 2.3 cu ft firebox capacity / 21” maximum log length Up to 17 hours of steady, even heat Continue Reading